Handmade Homeware Products. Myface Shop sells a whole range of handcrafted interesting and quirky. Non breakable transparent resin homeware products.
From lovely bright colourful kitchen and tableware. Beautiful clocks. More decorative items like our 3 and 5 place Tealight Candle Holders are also available.
Inside of these home decor products. We have placed delicate flowers, leaves. River pebbles chilli peppers and many other natural Italian elements.


We are a small family run business. Selling unique Venetian style decorative and practical resin products. Gifts and souvenirs from our shop here in Venice for many years.

Natures Elements The Collection

Inspired by Nature – Created by Hand

The Manufacturing Process

Preserved in Time – Crystal Clear Forever

Caught in time forever like an insect caught in the sap of ancient trees.

Unlike milion year old amber. The process that is used to make our homeware products. Ensures the resin coating stays crystal clear. Staying see through for many years. So you can admire your little bit of Italian nature preserved. With all its vibrant colours for many years to come.
Our handmade resin vases, bowls and serving plates are unique. Special pieces that will help give a touch of imagination to your home.


The handmade products inspired by the beautiful natural elements. That surround us here in Italy. Capturing a little piece of the landscape and trapping it in a clear time capsule. Reminding you of the ever changing seasons.
You can checkout our Spring and Autumn collections in our online shop.
All our handmade homeware products are hand crafted. Made so each item is a unique piece. They should all be considered limited edition.
Although care is always taken during all the various manufacturing steps. Occasional small imperfections in the products. (A flower or leaf may have moved.)
These should all be viewed as proof of being a unique handcrafted object.


Our shop is situated in one of the many backstreets here in Venice in Italy.

We love to meet all our customers in person and welcome your visit to our shop at Sestiere Castello 5362 , Venezia any time.

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Jacopo - my face shop -


Matteo - Owner Of My Faceshop

Address: Sestiere Castello 5362 , Venezia

Open: 10 AM / 19 PM

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